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Monday meetings

The regular meetings of the Department of Medical Biotechnology take place on Monday at 8:15 a.m. in the conference room of the Faculty Council, 3rd floor.

People 'on duty'


  1. Fill up appropriate boxes with:
    • tips,
    • eppies,
    • Pasteur pipettes;
  2. Prepare:
    • LB broth,
    • agar plates with ampicillin,
    • agar plates with kanamycin;
  3. Aliquot:
    • inactivated FBS (50ml + 5ml),
    • trypsin (10ml),
    • accutase (10ml),
    • PEST (5ml);
  4. Remove dustbin liners to the biological waste containers;
  5. Last day of duty:
    • clean up the benches, windowsills and equipment,
    • report to the PhD student,
    • go home.

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